A Parino is surrounded with history. The valley was a key Etruscan settlement. Ancient Etruscan pottery has been found close to the stream, which runs through the property. The house is also located on the Via Clodia, the major Roman road, which linked Rome, Lucca and Luna. The names of the surrounding villages indicate the number of leagues (one and half miles) they were from Lucca. There is a small Roman footbridge close to the house and a beautiful Roman church in San Donato, 1 km away. The strategic location of the house is also apparent as it stands on the Gothic Line, the German main defensive line in 1944-45 against the Allied advance from southern Italy. For over 3 months, the Americans and Germans fought between opposing hillsides. On the hill behind A Parino, there are remains of German bunkers, while facing the house is the ruined church, captured by the Americans.