Main House

The house is large and very comfortable with a kitchen, dining room, living area and utility room downstairs and 5 bedrooms upstairs. There is one master en suite, one double, one twin, one triple and one single. Perfect for two families or one large family. There are two separate bathrooms, one with a full bath.

The white walls and ceiling are very high and traversed by traditional wooden beams. The kitchen has very modern appliances. Most people prefer to dine out on the terrace or in the rear patio, close to the BBQ, rather than in the dining room. The living room is all soft seating around a large fireplace, with a TV and a games/book cupboard. In the main house, the kitchen is well equipped with modern oven, dishwasher, fridge/freezer and microwave.

A utility room provides everything necessary for laundry with a washer/drier and sink. There is a small safe to protect valuables and a first aid kit for minor injuries. While the house is generally cool due to its thick walls and window shutters, fans and mosquito nets are also provided for guests but these are not often used.