Restaurants/Dining Out

Close to house (in order of price)

  • Ristorante Butterfly: An excellent seafood restaurant on the Lucca road. Tel: 0583 307573. Closed on Tuesday evenings and on Wednesdays.

  • Accasatua: Another excellent seafood restaurant in Lammari. It is situated on the Via delle Ville, 128b, just off Viale Europa. Tel: 0583 962402

  • Antica Locanda di Sesto:  The nearest and our favourite. An excellent, atmospheric and typically Luccan restaurant, famous for its meat dishes, in Sesto di Moriano (just before Ponte a Moriano). Tel: 0583 578181. Closed on Saturdays.
  • Ristorante La Terrazza: A low price trattoria at the junction/roundabout of Valdottava and the main road between the house and Borgo a Mozzano. Tel 0583 835753
  • Da Pinzos: (also known as Emmas ). Cheap and cheerful bar/pizzeria in Ponte a Moriano (on the square). Tel 0583 577760.

This side of Lucca (in order of price)

  • Villa Volpi; Hotel, Spa and Restaurant in Mastiano. Tel: 0583 406137
  • Ristorante A Palazzo: Charming restaurant with stunning view of Lucca. Open Wed to Saturday (dinner only). Tel: 0583 965581
  • Ristorante Saloon: Restaurant and Pizzeria. Via Pesciatina 99 in Lunata (Lucca) Tel: 0583 24914. Closed on Mondays and Saturday lunchtime.
  • Osteria Il Botteghino: Excellent trattoria near Matraia in San Pancrazio. Tel 0583 406406. Closed on Wednesdays.


  • Ristorante Canuleia: A garden courtyard restaurant just behind the amphitheatre in Lucca. Lovely outdoor atmosphere with excellent food and wine list. Tel: 0583 467470. Closed on Sundays.
  • Ristorante Puccini: A smart restaurant in Lucca just behind the statue of Puccini in Corte San Lorenzo. Tel: 0583 316116. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesday lunchtime. 
  • Antica Locanda dell’Angelo: Another smart restaurant in Lucca, very close to the Piazza San Michele on Via Pescheria 21. Tel: 0583 467711. Closed on Sunday evening and Mondays.
  • Trattoria da Leo: A great, casual restaurant in Lucca. Tel: 0583 492236. Address: Via Tegrimi 1, Lucca. Closed on Sundays.
  • Casina delle Rose: Fantastic restaurant, a favourite of many. Tel: 0583 94641. Closed Saturday lunchtime and Mondays.
  • Vipore: In countryside outside Lucca. Tel: 0583 394065
  • Vigna Ilaria: Outside Lucca. Tel: 0583 332091


  • Mordimi: Wine bar and osteria. Tel: 0583 722242
  • Scacciaguai – a contemporary restaurant – via di mezzo 23-25 – Tel 0583 711368 (closed Mondays)


Forte dei Marmi

  •  Ristorante Lorenzo: Excellent restaurant in the chic resort of Forte dei Marmi


  •  Buenamico: Excellent seafood restaurant. Tel 0584 943266


  • L’Enotecca Marcucci: Fantastic restaurant. Tel: 0584 791962